Cutting & Heating processes

The thermal cutting techniques laser beam cutting, plasma arc cutting and oxyfuel flame cutting are at the heart of many industrial metal fabrication processes.

Laser cutting of stainless steel with nitrogen.

Laser cutting

Laser cutting is a state-of-the-art technology used for high-power cutting of metals and non-metals worldwide. Typical applications include cutting of hydro-formed parts and tubes, high-speed cutting of thin sheet metals and cutting of thick-section materials. The benefits of laser cutting include improved cutting speeds, low levels of tool wear and greater flexibility.

Laser cutting gases from Linde: Argon 4.6, Oxygen 3.5, Nitrogen 5.0. 

Three flame cutting,

Flame cutting 

We offer the full range of oxyfuel cutting gases. In particular, we can help you maximise the productivity and quality gains of acetylene for your oxyfuel cutting process. Benefits include rapid pre-heating, fast cutting speeds and high quality cuts. Our application experts can also help you optimise your operating parameters for optimum results, backing this up with cost analysis support with the equipment and gas management services you need.

Flame cutting gases from Linde: Acetylene, Ethen 3.0, Methan 2.5, Propan, Oxygen, Hydrogen.

Plasma cutting,

Plasma cutting 

Key to the success of the plasma cutting process is the right plasma gas or gas mixture. Depending on the individual application, argon/hydrogen mixtures, nitrogen, air or even oxygen and water-cooled electrodes with tungsten tips may be suitable. Secondary gases include carbon dioxide, nitrogen and air.
We can support your cutting process with a range of pure gases and gas mixtures tailored to the needs of plasma arc cutting.

Plasma cutting gases from Linde: Argon 4.6, Forming gas 95/5, Forming gas 90/5, Forming gas 85/5, Methan 2.5, Oxygen 3.5, Nitrogen 5.0, Hydrogen 3.8, VARIGON® H35, VARIGON® He30. 

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