The hottest and most efficient of all fuel gases. Common applications include cutting, welding, flame straightening and brazing.

Acetylene bundles with acetylene plant in Leuna in background


- Acetylene 2.6 grade (purity: 99.6% min)
- Acetylene 1.8 grade (purity: 98.0% min)

Supply options:

- Cylinder 

- Cylinder bundles - 12 interconnected 50l acetylene cylinders with working pressure 200 bar.

  • Highest efficiency compared to other fuel gases
    Acetylene gas saves time and money
  • Flexible use with oxygen or compressed air
  • Improved cut quality
    High cutting speed and fast cut initiation time due to its unique properties
  • The only fuel gas hot enough to weld steel.
  • The only fuel gas recommended for use in underground working conditions
Oxy-acethylene cutting 
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