Liquid Hydrogen

Liquid hydrogen is available for high purity applications. The specification is available on request.


  •     Compressed gas
  •     Extremely flammable
  •     Odourless, colourless and non toxic
  •     Can form explosive mixture with air. May react violently with oxidants
  •     Hydrogen > 99.98%
  •     Oxygen < 5 vpm
  •     Moisture < 8 vpm
  •     Total Carbons < 10 vpm
  •     Nitrogen < 100 vpm
Hydrogen is transported as compressed hydrogen in tube trailers and can then either be decanted from the trailer into storage on the customer site or for larger demands the trailer can be left on site and the customer can draw directly from the storage.

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  • Food and Beverage 
    To hydrogenate edible liquid fats and oils into margarine and other semi-solid products
  • Chemicals 
    To hydrogenate non-edible oils for soap, creams, plastic and other chemical processes and for the production of bulk, intermediates and speciality chemicals
  • Pharmaceutical
    To produce pharmaceutical intermediates
  • Electronics
    To enhance heat transfer, used as ultra high purity (UHP) for controlled atmospheres in semiconductor manufacturing to increase productivity and protect against impurities

  • Energy 
    To enhance heat transfer for cooling high speed turbine power generators and nuclear reactors and as a fuel for the growing fuel cell energy generation market
  • Aerospace 
    As a fuel gas for spacecraft at ignition and to power spacecraft internal systems
  • Iron and Steel 
    For quenching and as a protective atmosphere for heat treatment at very high temperature such as in stainless steel manufacturing, also to support plasma welding and cutting
  • Oil and Gas 
    To remove organic sulphur from crude oil, fuel oil and gasoline to enhance its performance
  • Glass 
    Used with nitrogen to prevent oxidation of molten tin in the float glass lines and improve glass quality

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